Adult Group Therapy

Experience the connection and support from others working on similar issues, under the facilitation of an experienced therapist. Gain education, understanding, and helpful feedback from non-judgmental group members who are there to achieve similar goals.

Healing the Wounds of Parental Neglect

This adult therapy group is for Adult Children of Self-Absorbed, Narcissistic, or Borderline Parents. If you grew up with parents who had personality disorders, such as Narcissism or Borderline Personality Disorder, or if they were just self-absorbed or overly critical, you may be impacted by a tyranny of suffering affecting your adult life. In this group participants have the opportunity to experience a safe place to explore and heal the pain of early criticism, shaming, and emotional deprivation; and to begin accepting the acknowledgment, nurturance, and validation you never had as a child.

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Group Therapy FAQ’s

Perhaps you are considering group therapy but you still have some concerns or questions…

I don’t want to vilify my parents in front of a group of strangers.

We are socially conditioned to think that acknowledging our parents’ shortcomings is the same thing as vilifying and blaming them. But therapy is about understanding their motivations, ridding yourself of guilt, and becoming your own person. And if you were raised by a parent with a mental illness that inadvertently influenced the way you grew up, sharing your story in a group setting is a powerful way of assuming accountability for the next stages of your life.

How is this better than traditional therapy?

Individual counseling has its benefits, and I am more than happy to provide those services if you prefer more in-depth healing and problem-solving. But working in a group setting with a set structure and a predetermined timetable can help advance your recovery rather quickly. You’ll not only gain the tools to stay on course, but you will have the opportunity to connect with a support network of other recovering adult children that you can count on for support in and outside of the group sessions.

I am afraid that I will become my mentally ill parent.

People are often conditioned to think that they are facsimiles of their parents. But you are your own person independent of your painful history. Your past does not dictate your future. In fact, the very fear you have of becoming your parent is a clear indication that you are not the same. You are committed to your personal growth, and that’s not selfish; it’s self-aware.

You Deserve To Set Your Own Expectations For Life

Your parents may have been neglectful and self-absorbed, but you don’t have to let their parental neglect or current dysfunctional behavior dictate the way you live or think about yourself. Contact me at 303 277.9407 or, for a free 30-minute phone (or in-person) consultation to see how you may benefit from the Healing the Wounds of Parental Neglect group.