Fees & Forms


Through my years of practice, I have increasingly moved away from the medical model of psychotherapy toward a more holistic approach. My work is based on promoting health and wellness, not labeling a person with a psychiatric diagnosis when they are simply attempting to improve themselves and their life. Therefore, to avoid having a diagnosis becomes a permanent part of your medical record, and respecting your individual need for privacy and confidentiality, I have chosen NOT to accept health insurance, medicare or medicaid for my services.

Fee for Services

My fee scale is set at:
Individuals: $130 per hour
Couples: $150 per hour

Family: $150 per hour
Groups:  $60 per session

Payment is accepted in the form of all major credit cards, health savings accounts,  check, cash.

Cancellation Policy

Appointments are times reserved for you.  If a cancellation of your appointment is unavoidable then a 48 hours advance notice of cancellation is required. This permits me to make that time period available to others who may need it.  Cancellations less than 48 hours before your appointment will be charged a half session fee.  Failure to notify me of your cancellation will be charged a full session fee (emergencies excepted).

Therapy Forms