Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you are considering counseling but still have some questions or concerns…

I am afraid of the stigma attached to professional counseling.

We are socially conditioned to be self-reliant, but there is great power and wisdom in reaching out for help when you are stuck. Plus, therapy is all about helping you solve your problems in the short-term while providing you with the tools and skills to overcome future issues on your own.
By working with a therapist, you are taking steps directly on your own to overcome obstacles. And there is certainly no shame in that.

How long will therapy take?

Depending on your goals and expectations for therapy, you may need only a few sessions to course-correct. Or you may benefit from utilizing my support for a few months. Regardless of your situation, you get to decide the duration of our relationship. And if you find you need additional support in the future, my door is always open.

How do I know if counseling will work?

Truthfully, there is no magic formula for healing and self-improvement. It’s just something you have to work at. But teaming up with a therapist in a collaborative effort to heal yourself or find solutions is extremely effective because you don’t have to come up with all the answers on your own. Regardless of what is going on in your life, just being able to confide in someone can be incredibly helpful and provide a sense of relief. There’s no harm in trying, so why not take a chance on a better life?