Adult Children of Self-Absorbed, Narcissistic, or Borderline Parents – A Psychoeducational and Process Group

2021 Group Dates:

Tuesday Night Group – 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Session 1
• July 13th – August 31st

Session 2
• October 26th – December 14th

Download and print the flyer.

Goals of Healing the Wounds of Parent Neglect Group:

• Heal the negative self-image, put in place by endless parental demands/criticisms
• Learn how to re-parent yourself with respect and gentleness
• Share in the experience of other group members who have/had similar dilemmas
• Experience acceptance and mutual positive regard in place of critical judgments

If you grew up with a parent who has a personality disorder (especially Narcissism or Borderline Personality Disorder), or if they were extremely self-absorbed or overly critical, you may be experiencing the tyranny of emotional suffering as an adult now, from what you needed to do to survive then. Growing up with a toxic or personality disordered parent leaves one feeling like I have to be perfect all the time. You may not have been taught or learned the skills and developed the ability to achieve a life that feels like your own…guided by your desires…self-directed. You may believe that needing help is a sign of weakness or a burden on others. Low self esteem, feelings of shame, or lack of self-worth make it even harder to live up to impossible standards. Those of us who manage to achieve accomplishments, often become addicted to work, performance, and image. But no matter how successful you become, you may never feel good enough.

Join this group and experience a safe place to explore and heal the pain of early criticism, shaming, and emotional deprivation. This group provides the opportunity to begin accepting the acknowledgment, nurturance, and validation you never had as a child.

Facilitator: Kate Heit, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor
Location:Open Door Counseling, 8800 Ralston Road, Suite 206, Arvada, CO 80002
Meeting Times: Meets for eight (8) sessions.
Cost: $60/session (no insurances accepted) plus $15 one-time materials fee

Space is limited to 4-6 participants. For details and to register, contact                         Kate Heit, MA, LPC. at or (303) 277-9407.